The proposed Global Business Services Campus (Saint Blaize development)


HilLand Environmental have been appointed as the Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAP) by the applicant, The Rietvlei Realisation Trust, to ensure compliance with regulations contained in the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA Act No. 107 of 1998) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (2014), as amended, for the proposed global business services campus on a portion of the remainder of portion 7 of farm 225, Mossel Bay (phase 1).

The portion of remainder of Portion 7 of Farm 225, here after referred to as ‘the property’, has an existing Environmental Authorisation (EA) in place for the development of an industrial and business park.

The proposal now is to change from an industrial and business park development to a Global Business Services Campus (Saint Blaize development).

This proposal triggers new listed activities in terms of the NEMA: EIA Regulations (2014, as amended) as it triggers new listed activities not previously contemplated or assessed.

Phase 1 of the development includes the following:

The required road upgrades specified in the Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) for access from the N2 and Herbertsdale road, construction of the reception, retail, medical, restaurant, offices etc., and parking area within the eastern portion of the property. This phase will be serviced using Municipal services for which the capacity has been confirmed.  As the intent of the whole campus development is to be a Nett Zero Carbon – the Phase 2 includes sustainability aspects which will replace and “free up” the initial municipal services provided to Phase 1.

Phase 2 application will follow shortly after the Phase 1 application, as soon as the various required specialist studies become available.

Phase 2 will follow a separate NEMA Application process appropriate to the activities triggered in Phase 2.

The Pre-Application BAR will be available for comment from 11 July 2024 -12 August 2024Please provide us with your comments / concerns prior to the close of the comment period (12 August 2024) in written format via email ( Please note that you need to declare your interest in the above matter and that the information will form part of the public record in terms of POPIA.

In order to ensure that you are registered as an Interested and Affected Party (I&AP), please send us your details, motivation of participation and any comments / concerns to HilLand Environmental ( Please note only registered parties will continue to be updated on the environmental process.


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01. MOS24.491.16 – Draft Basic Assessment Report BAR

Associated appendices:

Appendix A – Locality Map St Blaize

Appendix A3 – Linear map

Appendix B1 – Phase 1 Site Development Plan (SDP)

Appendix B1 – Phase 1 Site Plan

Appendix B1 – Road Reserve Drawing for discussion – 02-07-24

Appendix B2 – Environmental sensitivities map

Appendix C – Photographic record

Appendix D – Biodiversity Maps

Appendix E1 – HWC final comment

Appendix E2 – CapeNature comments

Appendix E3 – BOCMA comments

Appendix E3 – GA submission BOCMA

Appendix E7 – Department of Agriculture Comments

Appendix E15 – Mossel Bay Municipal comments

Appendix E21 – ROD and addendums

Appendix F – 01. Public Participation Process PPP report

Appendix F – Annexure A – Neighbouring notification

Appendix F – Annexure B – Legal Advert

Appendix F – Annexure C – Site notices

Appendix F – Annexure D – List of Registered I&APs

Appendix F – Annexure E – Proof of notifications – Reminder

Appendix F – Annexure E – Proof of notifications

Appendix F – Annexure F – Pre-App comments received

Appendix F – Annexure G – SACAA submission

Appendix F – Annexure G -SANRAL meeting

Appendix F – Annexure H – Notification on Draft BAR

Appendix G – 01. Socio-economic assessment

Appendix G – 02. Addendum to Socio-Economic assessment

Appendix G – Aquatic Assessment

Appendix G – Butterfly compliance statement

Appendix G – Heritage input

Appendix G – Terrestrial Biodiversity compliance statement

Appendix G – Visual Impact Assessment (VIA)

Appendix H – Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) St Blaize

Appendix H – Annexure A – Locality Map St Blaize

Appendix H – Annexure B – Phase 1 Site Development Plan (SDP) – Copy

Appendix H – Annexure B – Road Reserve Drawing

Appendix H – Annexure C – No-Go map

Appendix H – Annexure D – Basic Rules of Conduct

Appendix H – Annexure D – Induction Register

Appendix H – Annexure E – Method Statement

Appendix H – Annexure F – List of rescued plants

Appendix H – Annexure G – List of protected species from acts

Appendix H – Annexure H – CV of EAP

Appendix I – Screening Tool Report – road

Appendix I – Screening Tool Report – tranformation of agri

Appendix I – Site Sensitvity Verification Report

Appendix K – Need and Desirability input

Appendix L – Engineering Report_ DRAFT_ 8 Sept 2023

Appendix L – Stormwater Management Report

Appendix M – Geotechnical report – Saint Blaize Mossel Bay

Appendix N – Groundwater impact assessment

Appendix O – Risk Assessment

Appendix P – Saint Blaize TIA 20231006


Appendix R – Saint Blaize GBSC – Planning Memorandum (rev11-signed)

Appendix S – 2208-OPTION 2

Appendix S – 2208-OPTION 3

Appendix S – Site Alternative, Municipal correspondence

Appendix S – No-Go Alternative SDP

Appendix S – Option 4

Appendix T – SACAA obstacle application

Appendix U – CV of EAP