Retirement Village, Erf 2893, Hartenbos Heuwels

(DEADP reference number – To be issued)

HilLand Environmental, independent Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs), have been appointed by the Applicant, Banah Investments (Pty) Ltd, represented by Mr Frederik Jonck Wagenaar, to ensure compliance with the regulations contained in the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA, No 107 of 1998) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2014 (as amended) for the proposed development of a retirement village (retirement resort) on Erf 2893, Hartenbos Heuwels, Hartenbos.

Erf 2893 (vacant property) is currently zoned “Institutional Zone III” for a Place of Worship in terms of the Integrated Mossel Bay Zoning Scheme By-Law 2018. However, as there is no current need for additional churches within the area, the re-zoning for the property to “General Residential Zone II” (which allows ‘Town Housing’) is proposed, with the consent use for a ‘retirement resort’.

In terms of Regulation 3 (4) and 40 of NEMA: EIA Regulations (2014, as amended) you are hereby advised that you have 30-days from the 10th of July 2020 to submit any comments. Please provide us with your comments / concerns relating to the proposed activity during the timeframe (10 July 2020 – 11 August 2020) in written format via fax or email. Please note that you need to declare your interest in the above matter.

Please note if you do not have access to e-mail, internet and / or are experiencing any problems with downloading information, please do not hesitate to contact this office and we will assist you according to your needs/requirements. Additionally, a full hard copy of the BAR and associate appendices are available at HilLand Environmental’s office. Should you wish to view this document, please make sure to make an appointment with the administrative department at or Tel: (044) 889 0229. You will view the document with provided disposable gloves while all of the necessary Covid-19 hygiene protocols and social distancing will be implemented.

If you are not a stakeholder, please ensure that you are registered as an I&AP, please send/provide us with your details, motivation of participation and any comments / concerns to HilLand Environmental. Please note only registered parties will continue to be updated on the EIA process.

If you require any further information or assistance, please contact us on (044) 889 0229 (Tel) 086 542 5248 (fax) or Email: /


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Pre-Application Basic Assessment Report (BAR) for the proposed land use change and development of a retirement village on Erf 2893, Hartenbos Heuwels

Appendix A1 – Figure 1 – Locality Mapping

Appendix B1 – Figure 1b – Preferred Site Development Plan

Appendix B1 – Preferred Site Development Plan – Architectural

Appendix B2 – Environmental Sensitivities Mapping

Appendix C – Photographic Record

Appendix D – Biodiversity Overlay Mapping – Figure 2 – CBA and ESA mapping

Appendix D – Biodiversity Overlay Map – Figure 3a – NBA Original Extent 2018 map

Appendix D – Biodiversity Overlay Map – Figure 3b – NBA Remaining Extent 2018 map

Appendix D – Biodiversity Overlay Map – Figure 4 – NFEPA mapping

Appendix E1 – HWC – Final Comments on NID 2020

Appendix E16 – Confirmation of Services (Electrical and Civil)

Appendix F – Pre-Application Public Participation Process Report (PPP) for the proposal on Erf 2893, Hartenbos Heuwels

Appendix F – Annexure A – Neighbouring Notification

Appendix F – Annexure B – Legal Advert – Mossel Bay Advertiser – 10 July 2020

Appendix F – Annexure C – Site Notice

Appendix F – Annexure D – DEADP Pre-App meeting 04.02.2020

Appendix F – Annexure E – List of Registered I&APs

Appendix F – Annexure F – Notification of Pre-Application BAR

Appendix G – Botanical Impact Assessment – Jan Vlok March 2020

Appendix G – Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) – Urban Engineering 2020

Appendix G – Wetland Verification – Confluent Environmental 2020

Appendix H – Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) Version 1.1 – Hartenbos Retirement Village, Erf 2893

Appendix H – EMPr Version 1.1. Annexures

Appendix I – Screening Tool Report July 2020 – Transformation of land – Indigenous Vegetation

Appendix L – Planning Motivation Report – Vreken 2020

Appendix M – Civil Engineering Services Report (ITHEMBA, 2020)

Appendix N – Electrical Planning Report (Makukhane Consulting Engineers cc, 2020)

Appendix O – No-Go Alternative Site Development Plan

Appendix P – Power of Attorney, agreement and contract