Proposed Residential Units, Pansy Villas, Erf 5216, Mossel Bay

DEADP Reference for NEMA Environmental Application: 16/3/1/1-D6/29-0026/12  

HilLand Environmental would like to thank you for your involvement during the environmental process for the proposed development of Pansy Villas, Erf 5216, Diaz Beach and would like to inform you on behalf of the applicant, Pansy Villas Home Owners Association, and in accordance with section E2 of the Environmental Authorisation that the Department of Environmental Affairs & Development Planning (DEADP) has issued a decision (11 September 2018) [DEADP Ref: 16/3/1/1-D6/29-0026/12].

The decision was to refuse environmental authorisation to the applicant.  A full copy of the Environmental Authorisation (EA) is available for download on this page.  The reasons for the decision are included in Annexure 3 of the EA.  As an I&AP/Stakeholder you have the right to appeal the decision taken by DEA&DP should you so wish in terms of the procedure contained in the National Appeal Regulations 2014 (Government Notice R.993 of 8 December 2014, as amended).

The Option to Appeal the decision:

Should you as an I&AP wish to appeal against the environmental decision, you must submit the appeal in accordance with Regulation 4 to the appeal administrator (details below) within 20 days of the date of this notification (i.e. from 17/09/2018).  A copy of the appeal lodged with the appeal administrator is to be made available to the applicant, all registered I&APs, Organs of State and State Departments.

 The prescribed appeal application form as well as assistance regarding the processes can be found at .  If you require any further information or assistance, please contact us on (044) 889 0229 (Tel) 086 542 5248 (fax) or Email: .


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Environmental Decision Issued 11 September 2018

MOS16.694.01 Amended final BAR2018

Appendix J Legal Opinion RE ICMA Applicability

Appendix G Pansy Cove Villas Supplementary Coastal Specialist Report (April 2018) by Laurie Barwell

Appendix F, Annexure 13 DEADP Rejection of Amended Final BAR 2017.01.24

Appendix F Annexure 12 te-waterkant-response-proof-of-notification

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-1-objection-pansy-cove-cullinan-and-associate-comment-annexure-a

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-1-objection-pansy-cove-cullinan-and-associates-on-amended-final-basic-assessment-report

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-2-objection-by-mr-scholtz

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-3-objection-te-waterkant-on-amended-fbar

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-4-msec-annexure-facebook-comments-on-crime-at-diaz-beach

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-4-msec-annexure-gewapende-man-oorval-vrou

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-4-msec-annexure-municipality-concerned-about-crime-at-dias-beach

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-4-msec-annexure-vlaag-van-misdaad-wek-kommer

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-4-msec-letter

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-5-la-palma-villas-comment

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-6-diaz-protection-association

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-7-diaz-hotel

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-8-department-of-health

Appendix F Annexure 12 comment-capenature

Appendix F Annexure 12 correspondence-jan-emails-with-pansy-cove1

Appendix F Annexure 12 correspondence-jan-emails-with-pansy-cove2

Appendix F Annexure 12 deadp-acknowledgement-of-receipt-of-amended-final-bar

Appendix F Annexure 12 mos16-694-04-commet-and-response-report plant-species-list

Appendix F Annexure 12 registered-iap-list-2016-updated-november-xlsx

Appendix F Annexure 12 resp-1-annexures-to-satdler-and-swart-report

Appendix F Annexure 12 resp-1-stadler-and-swart-pansy-villas-final-comments-to-hilland-30-11-2016

Appendix F Annexure 12 resp-2-reply-to-mr-scholtz-objection

Appendix F Annexure 12 resp-3-capenature-from-roy-lubke

Appendix F Annexure 12 resp-3-capenature-response-fraser-consulting-engineers

Appendix F Annexure 12 resp-3-storm-water-plan-november-2016

Appendix F Annexure 12 resp-4-heritage-western-cape-response

Appendix F Annexure 12 resp-5-answer-to-te-waterkant-residents-final

Appendix F Annexure 12 response-report-cape-nature-2016-v

Appendix F Annexure 12 response-report-cullinan-2016-v2

Appendix F Annexure 12 response-scholtz-2016-v1

Appendix F Annexure 12 response-te-waterkant-2016-v1

Appendix F Annexure 12 signed-declaration-prof-r-lubke

Appendix F Annexure 12 te-waterkant-registration-kobus-oosthuizen

Appendix A Locality Map

Appendix B Site Development Plan

Appendix B 3D Model

Appendix C Photo Record Page 1

Appendix C Photo Record Page 2

Appendix D NBA Remaining Extent

Appendix D NBA Original Ecosystem

Appendix D CBA

Appendix D CBA Aquatic

Appendix E EA s24g Pansy Villas Rectification Approval of Road

Appendix E S24G Appeal Decision 12 Oct 2015

Appendix E Municipal Confirmation of the SDP

Appendix E Water and Sewerage

Appendix E Stormwater

Appendix E Services Availability

Appendix F Public Participation Process Report

Appendix F Annexure 1 Neighbouring Land Owners

Appendix F Annexure 2 Legal Advert

Appendix F Annexure 3 21 Day Notification

Appendix F Annexure 4 Site Notice Board

Appendix F Annexure 5 Comments Received during 21 days

Appendix F Annexure 6 Draft BAR Notification Letter

Appendix F Annexure 6 Proof of Notification 1

Appendix F Annexure 6 Proof of Notification 2

Appendix F Annexure 7 Comments on Draft BAR

Appendix F Annexure 8 Final BAR Notification

Appendix F Annexure 8 Proof of Notification

Appendix F Annexure 8 Queries

Appendix F Annexure 9 Comments from Dep of Health

Appendix F Annexure 9 Response to Comment on Final BAR

Appendix F Annexure 9 Response sent

Appendix F Annexure 9 Comments on Final BAR Cullinan and Associates

Appendix F Annexure 10 DEADP Rejection of Final BAR

Appendix F Annexure 11 Email Communications 1

Appendix F Annexure 11 Summary of Correspondence with Pansy Coves

Appendix F Annexure 11 Email Communications 2

Appendix F Annexure 12 Notification of Amended Final BAR

Appendix G Conservation Significance and Status Report (CSSR)

Appendix G CSSR Figure 1 Site Location Map

Appendix G CSSR Figure 2 Dias Beach Changes

Appendix G CSSR Figure 3 1940 Aerial Photo

Appendix G CSSR Figure 4 Dias Beach Dune Profile

Appendix G CSSR Figure 5 Dias BEach Dune Profile 1940 and 1957

Appendix G CSSR Figure 7 1940 and 2011 Comparison

Appendix G CSSR Figure 8 2004 and 2011 Veg Comparison

Appendix G Dune Assessment Report, HilLand Associates Feb 2010

Appendix G Pansy Villas Dune Report, Prof RA Lubke July 2016

Appendix G Coastal Report Vol 1, Fraser Civil July 2012

Appendix G Coastal Report Vol 2, Fraser Civil July 2012

Appendix G Archaelogical Statement, Dr Peter Nillsen July 2013

Appendix H Environmental Management Plan

Appendix H Annexure 1 Silt Fence Implementation

Appendix J Structural Design Report

Appendix J Structural Design

Appendix J Recommendation for Storm Water Management

Appendix J Permeable Pavers Detail

Appendix J Legal Summary of Rights

Appendix J Approved Zoning Block Plan