Cairnbrogie Resort Tented Camps

HilLand Environmental have been appointed as the Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAP) by the applicant, Cairnbrogie Farms (Pty) Ltd, represented by Mr Andrew Hill, to ensure compliance with the regulations contained in the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA Act No. 107 of 1998) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2014 for the proposed new tented camps on the Cairnbrogie Farm (Remainder of the Farm Kranshoek No 432).

The Proposed tented camp sites comprise of two areas where 18 tents will be constructed on raised wooden platforms. The proposal includes plans for the development of ablution facilities and communal area for these tent sites. Currently, some of the existing farm infrastructures are being used for the purpose of accommodation, function venue and a coffee shop. This use needs to be legalised as a consent type use which can be achieved through rezoning parts of the property to Resort 1.

A Draft Basic Assessment Report was submitted on the 29th of May 2019 and underwent a commenting period of 30 days (29 May 2019 – 01 July 2019). Telephonic comments received from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEADP) necessitated changes to the Draft BAR to include an additional Listed Activity in terms of National Environmental Management Act (NEMA 2014, as amended). The updated Draft BAR now includes Listed Activity 12 of Listing Notice 1 (Government Notice – 327 (983)) relating to the installation of tented area one (1), which will be located adjacent to the farm dam. The impacts on the water resource had already been evaluated in the Draft BAR and Freshwater Specialist Study, therefore, no changes have been made to the impacts.

The updated Draft BAR and Public Participation Process has been uploaded on the website for comment. Please note additional correspondence was added to Appendix E. No changes have been made to the other Appendices. In terms of Section 24O (2) and (3) of NEMA you are hereby advised that you have 30 days, from the 19th of June 2019, to submit any comments.

Please provide us with your comments/concerns relating to the proposed activity during the time frame (19 June 2019- 19 July 2019) in written format via post, email or fax. Please note that you need to declare your interest in the above matter.

If you require any further information or assistance, please contact us on (044) 889 0229 (Tel) 086 542 5248 (fax) or Email: /


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Updated Draft BAR

Appendix A – Figure 1 – Locality Map

Appendix B – Figure 1a – SDP

Appendix B – Figure 1b – SDP – Tent Area 1

Appendix B – Figure 1c – SDP – Tent Area 2

Appendix B – Figure 4 – SDP

Appendix B – Figure 5 – Tented Camps (Site 1)

Appendix B – Figure 6 – Tented Camps (Site 2)

Appendix C – Photographic Record

Appendix D – Figure 2a – NBA original extent

Appendix D – Figure 2b – NBA remaining extent

Appendix D – Figure 2c – NBA original extent with SDP overlaid

Appendix D – Figure 3a – CBA

Appendix D – Figure 3b – CBA and SDP overlaid

Appendix D – Figure 4 – NFEPA and SDP overlaid

Appendix E – Request for confirmation of services

Appendix E1 – NID to HWC 2019

Appendix F – Updated Draft Public Participation Process Report

Appendix F – Annexure A – Proof of Notification of Updated BAR to Neighbouring Properties

Appendix F – Annexure A – Proof of Notification of Draft BAR to Neighbouring Properties

Appendix F – Annexure B – Legal Advertisement 28 September 2017

Appendix F – Annexure C – Position of Site Notice

Appendix F – Annexure C – Site Notice Photo Record

Appendix F – Annexure D – Updated List of Registered I&APs

Appendix F – Annexure D – List of Registered I&APs

Appendix F – Annexure E – Attendance Register DEADP Meeting 27.09.2017

Appendix F – Annexure F – Notification of Pre-Application BAR

Appendix F – Annexure G – CapeNature Pre-App-Comments

Appendix F – Annexure G – BGCMA Pre-App-Comments

Appendix F – Annexure G – BGCMA follow up comments on Risk Assessment

Appendix F – Annexure H – Notification of Updated Draft BAR

Appendix F – Annexure H – Notification of Draft BAR

Appendix G – Aquatic Specialist Report

Appendix H – EMPr Version 1.2

Appendix H – EMPr Annexures

Appendix K – Planning Report

Appendix K – Screening Tool Report