Cairnbrogie Resort Nodes

(18 September 2019 – 18 October 2019)

HilLand Environmental have been appointed as the Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAP) by the applicant, Cairnbrogie Farms (Pty) Ltd, represented by Mr Andrew Hill, to ensure compliance with the regulations contained in the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA Act No. 107 of 1998) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2014 (as amended) for the proposed resort camps on the Cairnbrogie Farm (Remainder of the Farm Kranshoek No 432).

The Amended Draft Basic Assessment Report (BAR) is available for a 30-day commenting period from the 18th of September 2019 (18 September 2019 – 18 October 2019). The following amendments have been made:

  • The introduction of an alternative design (proposed as the preferred alternative) of container units that is to replace the tented structures due to security (possible baboon damage and remote accessibility) and durability (withstand the wind). These will be placed on plinths and will be linked with boardwalks so that all guest movement is off the ground and the impact on the ground is limited. In the event of decommissioning the containers can simply be lifted and moved to a new location.
  • The development zone of the dam camp area was reduced, now consisting of six (6) large containers (sleeping 24 guests in total). This reduction from the previously proposed 12 tents and its proposed development zone will no longer fall within an area mapped as a critically endangered vegetation type (in accordance with NBA data). The current development zone of the dam camp area allows for the installation of either two communal ablution containers set back behind the individual units, or that each unit will contain its own ablution facilities. The applicant would like the flexibility to make that decision at the time of implementation based on costs of refurbishing and the requirements of his market.
  • A request has been made by DEA&DP during the site inspection to position the units behind the planted yellowwood trees and not between them as previously proposed. This has been incorporated in the amended draft BAR.
  • The development zone of the coastal camp allows for the installation of six (6) small or three (3) large container units – both options will accommodate a maximum of 12 guests as required for the proposed hiking trail so that the camp area will be suitable for this use. This will allow the applicant flexibility based on the availability of containers and the costs of refurbishing.
  • Visual mitigation measures will be implemented at each unit (at both of the camp areas) which includes painting of the units a dark charcoal colour for visual absorption and cladding in natural weathered timber that will follow a natural profile (not block shaped) to assist in blending the containers into the landscape.
  • Although the coastal camp containers are located in the pasture area, they are fenced off from the pastures behind them and are viewed against this higher ground which forms a visual backdrop.
  • As the vegetation in the Protected Environment in front of the camp area regrows after the fire, it will further soften the visual appearance of the containers.
  • The visual specialist confirmed that the containers will not be in the direct line of sight of neighbouring properties located south east of Cairnbrogie and the development zone is too far from neighbouring properties south west of the property (including SANParks) / the proposed hiking trail to have a visual impact. Additionally, it was confirmed that both options proposed for the coastal camp area (installation of 3 / 6 units) will have a low visual impact.
  • The sewage from both camp areas will be pumped from the bathrooms to the central conservancy tanks and from there it is collected by the municipal sewage collection vehicle. The municipality has confirmed that they can offer this service.
  • The FPA and DAFF fire advisor have provided their inputs and have confirmed the suitability of the proposals.
  • The Breede Gouritz Catchment Management Area (BGCMA) has confirmed the General Authorisation (GA) of the proposed accommodation units next to the dam site (Section 21(i) water use).
  • Heritage Western Cape (HWC) has confirmed that they have no further requirements for the proposal.

In terms of Section 24 O (2) and (3) of NEMA you are hereby advised that you have 30 days to submit any comments. Please provide us with your comments / concerns relating to the proposed activity during this time frame (18 September 2019 – 18 October 2019) in written format via post, email or fax. Should you have no comments, please send us an email indicating as such.

If you require any further information or assistance, please contact us on (044) 889 0229 (Tel) 086 542 5248 (fax) or Email: /


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Amended Draft BAR – Cairnbrogie Resort Camps on the Remainder of Farm No. 432, Plettenberg Bay

Appendix A – Figure 1 – Locality Map of the Remainder of Farm 432, Cairnbrogie, Plettenberg Bay

Appendix B – Figure 1a – SDP camp area 1

Appendix B – Figure 1b – SDP camp area 2 – Option A – 6 units

Appendix B – Figure 1c – SDP camp area 2 – Option B – 3 units

Appendix B – Figure 1d – Site Sensitivity Mapping

Appendix C – Photographic record

Appendix D – Figure 2 – CBA and SDP

Appendix D – Figure 2a – CBA and camp area 1

Appendix D – Figure 2b – CBA and camp area 2

Appendix D – Figure 3 – NBA and SDP

Appendix D – Figure 3 a – NBA remaining extent and overlay

Appendix D – Figure 3b – NBA and Camp area 1

Appendix D – Figure 3c – NBA and Camp area 2

Appendix D – Figure 4 – NFEPA Map and SDP Overlay

Appendix E – General Authorisation of Water Uses – Cairnbrogie

Appendix E – Signed sewage services agreement between Cairnbrogie and Bitou Municipality

Appendix E1 – Final Comment from HWC – Cairnbrogie

Appendix F – Public Participation Process Report

Appendix F – Annexure A – Notification of Neighbouring Property Owners

Appendix F – Annexure B – Legal Advertisement 28 September 2017

Appendix F – Annexure Bb – Legal Advertisement 19 September 2019

Appendix F – Annexure C – Photographic Record of site notice

Appendix F – Annexure C – Postion of Site Notice

Appendix F – Annexure D – List of Registered I&APs

Appendix F – Annexure E – Attendance Registers of Meetings

Appendix F – Annexure F – Notification of Pre-App BAR

Appendix F – Annexure G – Comments received on Pre-Application BAR

Appendix F – Annexure H – Notification of Draft BAR

Appendix F – Annexure H – Notification of Updated Draft BAR

Appendix F – Annexure I – Formal and informal comments received on Draft BAR

Appendix F – Annexure Ja – Notification of Amended Draft BAR

Appendix F – Annexure Jb – Notification of amended Draft BAR

Appendix G – Aquatic Specialist Report

Appendix G – Visual specialist report

Appendix G – Land use and botanical specialist statement

Appendix H – EMPr Version 1.3

Appendix H – EMPr Annexures

Appendix K – Planning Report

Appendix K – Screening Tool Report – Cairnbrogie

Appendix K – Screening Tool Analysis – Cairnbrogie