Environmental Impact Report – Amendment of EA Erf 2353, Wilderness

(Commenting Period – 5 November 2020 to 6 December 2020)



(DEADP reference number – 16/3/3/5/D2/55/0005/20) & (EA reference – EG12/2/1-353 – Erf 1122, Wilderness)


HilLand Environmental, independent Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs), have been appointed by the Applicant, Georgiou Property Investments (Pty) Ltd, represented by Mr Brian Stokes (new applicant and owner), to ensure compliance with the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA, No 107 of 1998) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2014 (as amended) for the proposed amendment of the Record of Decision (ROD) that is in place for Erf 2353 (Erf 1 as referred to in the EA of 07/11/2002), Wilderness.

The ROD (now know as Environmental Authorisation / EA) included, amongst other, the approval for the development of a commercial complex on Erf 2352 (Erf 1 referred to in the ROD) of 1 507 square metres.

The approved site development plan (SDP) dated October 2001 (of FORMAPLAN) which formed part of the environmental application included a layout showing the position of proposed buildings and parking. The planned delivery area was a narrow impractical position to the south between the existing buildings on the neighbouring property and the new building off Leila’s Lane

The proposed amended SDP has been developed in such a way as to maximise the integration with the rest of the Wilderness Village and Milkwood Village, it focuses the buildings to the north with a secure and screened delivery area behind and keeps the public spaces and parking to the south in an open and village “square” type feel. As parking in Wilderness is already at a premium, a basement parking area will be provided below the main commercial building to provide additional parking in the center of Wilderness.

The Environmental Impact Report will be available for a 30-day commenting period commencing on the 5th of November 2020. Please provide us with your comments / concerns relating to the proposed amendment during the timeframe (05 November 2020 – 06 December 2020) in written format via fax or email. Please note that you need to declare your interest in the above matter.

Please note, if you are not a Stakeholder, to ensure that you are registered as an I&AP, please send/provide us with your details, motivation of participation and any comments / concerns to HilLand Environmental. Please note only registered parties will continue to be updated on the amendment process.

Please note if you do not have access to e-mail, internet and / or are experiencing any problems with downloading information, please do not hesitate to contact this office and we will assist you according to your needs/requirements. Additionally, a full hard copy of the Environmental Impact Report and associate appendices are available at HilLand Environmental’s office. Should you wish to view this document, please make sure to make an appointment with the administrative department at admin@hilland.co.za or Tel: (044) 889 0229. You will view the document with provided disposable gloves while all of the necessary Covid-19 hygiene protocols and social distancing will be implemented.

If you require any further information or assistance, please contact us on (044) 889 0229 (Tel) 086 542 5248 (fax) or Email: environmental2@hilland.co.za / admin@hilland.co.za.


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