Coastal Dune Stabilisation for The Waves, Keurboomstrand

HilLand Environmental, independent Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAP) have been appointed by The Waves Complex (Home Owners Association (HOA)), to ensure compliance with the regulations contained in the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA, No. 107 of 1998) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2014, as amended, for the proposed dune and erosion protection works for The Waves Complex, Keurboomstrand, Plettenberg Bay. The proposed dune protection works are to be implemented in Erf 412, located in-front (south) of the Waves Complex.

The proposed activity entails the construction of ‘sleeping’ rock revetments and re-establishing the primary dune that has eroded in front of the Waves Complex within as Erf 412 (public open space). The most immediate risk of damage to private property and infrastructure is that of Erf 409 and Erf 411 (forming part of The Waves Complex) and DR 394 and public parking area (east) and, therefore, require immediate protective measures along this section of coastline. The eroded dune has a height of approximately 5 m, which will undermines the building foundations of the immediate erven (north, The Waves Complex), more specifically Erf 409, if the dune height recedes back to a height approximately 4 m.

The proposed sleeping revetment option considered as the preferred alternative within this report, are specifically aimed at the minimisation of the interference with the natural dune system by burying structures (PRDW, 2019 & Hellström & Avierinos, 2011, edited 2018). Extensive rehabilitation will follow the construction and / or installation of the revetment which includes the placement of excavated dune sand back on-top of the revetment, re-vegetation of the dune with indigenous rescued vegetation and the installation of sand fences on top and west of the footprint to assist with stabilisation. The sand fence will additionally allow the natural trapping of sand in the dune zone – enhancing the formation of hummock and fore dunes (Hellström & Avierinos, 2011, edited 2018).

The  Draft Basic Assessment Report (BAR) and associated appendices for the proposed activity are available for 30-day commenting period. In terms of Regulation 4 and 40 of NEMA: EIA Regulations (2014, as amended), you are hereby advised that you have 30 days, from 30 of January 2020, to submit any comments. Please provide us with your comments/concerns relating to the proposed activity during the time frame (30 January 2020 – 02 March 2019) in written format via post, email or fax. Please note that you need to declare your interest in the above matter. Should you have no comments, please send us an email indicating as such.

If you require any further information or assistance, please contact us on (044) 889 0229 (Tel) 086 542 5248 (fax) or Email: /


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Draft Basic Assessment Report (BAR)

Appendix A – Figure 1 – Locality Mapping

Appendix B – Figure 1b – Site Development Plan – Dune Stabilisation on Erf 412, Keurboomstrand, Plettenberg Bay

Appendix B – Site Development Plan – preferred alternative – engineering drawings

Appendix C – Photographic Record

Appendix D – Figure 2 – CBA & ESA Mapping

Appendix D – Figure 3a – NBA Original Extent 2018

Appendix D – Figure 3b – NBA Original Extent 2016

Appendix D – Figure 3c – NBA Remaining Extent 2011

Appendix D – Figure 3d – NBA Remaining Extent 2018

Appendix D – Figure 4 – NFEPA Mapping

Appendix E 1 – HWC Final Comment on NID

Appendix F – Public Participation Process Report – The Waves

Appendix F – Annexure A – Notification of neighbouring properties – Pre-Application BAR

Appendix F – Annexure A – Notification of neighbouring properties – Draft BAR

Appendix F – Annexure B – Legal Adverts – 29 January 2020 CXpress and 21 June 2018 Knysna Plett Herald

Appendix F – Annexure C – Site Notice

Appendix F – Annexure D – List of Registered I&APs – The Waves Draft BAR

Appendix F – Annexure E – Pre-Application Meeting Signed Attendance Register and Summary 13 March 2018

Appendix F – Annexure F – Pre-App BAR Notification

Appendix F – Annexure G – Comments received on the Pre-Application BAR

Appendix F – Annexure H – Notification of the Draft BAR

Appendix G – Coastal Dune System – Dune Dynamics and Sensitivity Statement

Appendix G – Coastal Engineer Specialist Study – PRDW – Aug 2019

Appendix H – EMPr Version 1.2

Appendix H – EMPr Version 1.2 – Annexures A to F

Appendix H – EMPr Version 1.2 – Annexures G to J

Appendix K – Alternative 2 – GSC Detail and Method statement

Appendix K – Mean High Water Mark Survey June 2019 and SG Acceptance

Appendix K – Power of Attorney – Aneen van Rooyen